Ro Khanna making a renewed charge

Ro Khanna making a renewed charge

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  • January 15, 2024
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When Ro Khanna fell just 3.6 percentage points shy of ousting the US presidential candidate Honda in the last November, sources predicted that the 38-year-old lawyer and former president of the Obama administration might try again. Then Honda sang this during the homeland security debate in Congress and since then, the issue of Khanna has come to the fore. At a dinner in Khanna last Monday night, one of those attending was U.S. Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado, former head of the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee. Bennett has not formally endorsed Khanna, but his comments speak volumes. (An interesting fact: Khanna was born in Philadelphia, Bennett was born in Delhi, which was the country of Khanna’s poor family).

Khanna proudly represents California

Khanna proudly represents California’s 17th congressional district, located in the middle of Silicon Valley, and is completing his fourth term. He serves as the ranking chair of the House Committee on Science and Technology, co-chair of the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian-Americans, and chair of the election Committee on International Relations. The United States, the United States and the Chinese Communist Party, and on the committee, where they have previously chaired the committee.

Early life

As the chair of House Oversight and Reform, Khanna brought the heads of these companies before Congress in order to give a statement on the issues related to corruption that have been prevalent for the first time in history. They sought to investigate the health risks associated with chemical emissions, to implement better forest fire preparedness measures, and to protect America’s food supply from harmful environmental impacts. During the currency inflation neutrality act, Khanna played an important role in ensuring that the major vapor emission reduction provisions remain in the final deal.

Khanna is a strong supporter of the labour movement and has pushed for initiatives such as the Act to ensure that no person in full-time employment is forced to depend on food stamps, food stamps, or any other form of welfare. He is one of the few leaders in Congress to accept the contribution. There is a 12-year term limit for Congressional members, 18 years for Supreme Court justices, and senators are supporting a constitutional amendment to overturn the United States. Since coming to Congress, he has signed five bills into law.

As chair of the house

Khanna was born in a middle-class family in Philadelphia, during his two years in America. Both his parents came to the United States from India in the decade of 1970 in search of opportunities and a better life for their children. Her father is a chemical engineer and her mother is a boarding school teacher. Khanna’s exemplary service to the public was inspired by his grandfather who was active in the freedom movement, he worked with the people of India and spent several years in jail to destroy the people of India.

Before serving in Congress, he taught economics at Stanford University and served as assistant secretary of state to the Obama Administration.

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