HTML5: A Game Changer: Discuss the significant advancements introduced in HTML5, including new elements

HTML5: A Game Changer: Discuss the significant advancements introduced in HTML5, including new elements

In this article we will learn this and give you complete information about HTML. Whenever we need any information, we immediately search and find it using the Internet. Whatever information we get on the Internet is present on some website or the other and from there we get the information. All the data available on the Internet is available in the form of web pages. All these web pages are stored in computer servers. A website is created by connecting many web pages together and we are able to access the web pages with the help of their URL i.e., address. But today we are going to tell you about how these websites and web pages are created or what is required to create them. HTML language is required to design a website, with the help of HTML we are able to use the website and get information from it.

What is html?

HTML is a markup language Full form of HTML is – Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML has been developed to create web pages of a website. The HTML language is used to design a website and to use text, images and videos, and hyperlinks within webpages. Using HTML language, we explain to the device’s web browser how the information on our webpage should appear to the user. HTML Hyper Text Markup Language is made up of two words Hyper and Text. Hypertext links two web pages together within a text so that when a user clicks on that text, it takes him to the next page. Thus, the links available on web pages are called hypertext hyperlinks. Markup language is used in creating the structure of any website. Many tags are present in it, with the help of which web pages are designed.

Invention of HTML 

HTML was discovered by Tim Berners Lee in Geneva in 1980.HTML is a computer language program that is used to create a website and CSS is used to give it color and style. CSS is called cascading style sheet. Which is used only with HTML to display the website. Can be given a colorful and attractive look. HTML language is completely different from other computer languages ​​like C, C++, Java. It is a very simple language which can be easily understood and can be used easily when needed.

Due to its simplicity, HTML has been a popular language since the beginning. It has also been a case sensitive language, which means that if we want, we can write tags in capital letters or small letters. It can work in both ways but it is usually written in small letters only. HTML is a platform independent language and can be used in any operating system. Although HTML is used to create web pages, it is not limited to creating only that web page.

What is HTML5?

We all know that there are constant changes in the world of technology and things are improved from time to time. Similarly, many changes have taken place in HTML too. Traditionally, the old version of HTML is still used. But due to changes in technology, it is not able to meet many needs. Tthat is why HTML5 has been developed with many changes to meet those challenges. HTML5 has more features than HTML.

Many such text and attributes have been added in it through which you can easily add graphics and audio-video etc. to the web page. Earlier it was not possible to add direct audio and video to the web page, but after the arrival of HTML5. You can easily add audio and video to your webpage through tag. There are many more such features available in it which help the user in designing the web page. I have to write less code.

Features of HTML5

There are many features in HTML5 that make it different from other versions of HTML. Let us talk about those features-

Simple and secure 

HTML5 tags have been made simple and all its tags have been shortened so that the user can easily remember all the tags. In the first version of HTML, a document type declaration was written that specified how the document was displayed on the page. This declaration was written at the top of the HTML web page. In the old version, a very long declaration had to be written. But in the new version i.e., HTML5, this has also been shortened. However, for ease of writing, it is also easy to debug the code in HTML5. Debug means finding hidden errors in the code. To some extent, inbuilt security features have also been added to HTML5, which protects its users.

Requirement of plugin in HTML5

A plugin is a selection of programming codes and functions with the ability to add additional features. Earlier, adding any kind of audio and video file in HTML required a plugin. Which increased the loading speed of the website and made the website take more time to open. But in HTML5 now the need for plugins has reduced a lot because separate tags and attributes have been added to add audio and video files to the page.


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