Introduction to Programming Languages: Provide an overview of programming languages ​​and their importance in software development

Introduction to Programming Languages: Provide an overview of programming languages ​​and their importance in software development

Programming language is a language through which the programmer communicates with the computer. Just as one person uses Hindi or English to talk to another person, similarly a programmer uses a programming language to communicate with a computer. The program/coding is done by the programmer who talks/communicates with the computer. There are many types of programming languages, whose complete information we will give in this post.

You read books or write articles in the language in which you feel comfortable. Various types of books, novels and literature are written in that language. The language in which humans talk to each other. Similarly, we work in application software to accomplish our tasks. This application software is also prepare in a special language which is called programming language. There is not much difference between programming language and our language. In this article we will give you complete information about programming languages ​​in simple, so let’s start.

What is the program?

A group of instructions given in a language understandable to the computer is called a computer program. A computer is not capable of doing any work without any instructions. That is why to get any work done, we have to give a program or group of instructions to the computer. Programs are prepare to simplify the computer. To work on computer, some such programs or software are prepare by software engineers so that we can work on computer easily.

What is a programmer?

A person knowledgeable in programming language is called a programmer or computer programmer. These are the same people who create website applications and software with their programming skills. They have good knowledge of programming languages. To work in a computer, application i.e., application software is require. Which is complete by programmers or software engineers. They have knowledge of programming language. He/She can create different types of applications, add some new features to it, and remove its shortcomings. They are mainly known as Programmers, Computer Programmers, Coders, and Software Engineers etc.

What is language?

To exchange ideas between two or more people and to establish contact with each other, it is necessary to have some medium. We call this medium language. It is through language that people can establish contact with each other. Similarly, to work in a computer, language is require which the computer can understand and the language use in the computer is called programming language.

What is programming language?

Programming language is also known as computer programming or programming and coding. Programming language has create by humans to interact with computers, hence it is called artificial language. Through this, the computer is order as to what to do. What it will do remains fix, it is already program by the programming language. Whatever you see in computer, tablet, mobile or other devices or whatever you can do with these devices is already program through programming language. Applications, software, websites etc. are create through programming language only. goes. “Programming language is the computer language which is create by computer scholars to develop applications on computers. Like traditional languages, programming languages ​​have their own grammar, it also contains sentences, words, characters etc.”

What is the use of programming language?

What is a programming language? We have explain it in simple language above, with this we can know what a programming language is, why it is use and what tasks it has been create for, some of its uses and functions are as follows:

  • Programming languages ​​are used to create websites.
  • Programming languages ​​are used to create applications and software.
  • Programming language is use to communicate with computers.
  • Programming language is use to design a computer as per one’s wish.
  • Programming language is use to make the computer work as per its wish and to give instructions.

How many types of programming languages ​​are there?

There are many types of programming languages. Some we understand and some only the computer knows and it is not possible for humans to understand. There are two types of programming languages. In this, the entire program is made in 0 and 1 code, in this it is very difficult to understand and write the program. Machine language is different for each computer. Machine language prepared for one computer does not run on another computer. We also get the output in the code itself.

What is machine language? 

Computer system cables digital signals that one understands are binary 1 or 0. Instructions to the computer are given only through binary code. The instructions given in binary code are called machine language. Only computers can understand this language. It is not easy for humans to understand it and write programs. Therefore, the program written on one machine does not run on another machine. This language does not require any translator because the computer can easily understand the program written in machine language.

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