Discuss traditional Indian sports chart like kabaddi, kho-kho, and growing popularity of cricket

Discuss traditional Indian sports chart like kabaddi, kho-kho, and growing popularity of cricket

Traditional Indian sports chart of games – Perspectives and viewpoints change with time. The city remains the same but its style changes. Yes, we are talking. Ancient traditional games of India whose names we do not even remember today. At one time, sports were a big part of our daily routine and the only way to entertain was through those sports. There used to be many indoor and outdoor games in Ancient Indian sports Games, which have today been replace by computers and Android phones. When you are ask to play, there will hardly be any child who does not want to play. Many types of games have evolved and deteriorated over time. There are many games which are evergreen and are play anytime, anywhere. Those games not only entertain you but also develop you physically and mentally. Let us tell you about some such ancient Indian sports chart of games.

Jumping Rope – Indian sports Games for Kids

Indian sports charts
jumping rope
You all must know how to jump rope the Indian sports oldest game. Apart from being a game, it is also a very good exercise. By jumping rope, we remain healthy both physically and mentally. Rope game can be play in two ways. In one, you jump the rope yourself and in the other, two children hold the rope and move it and one child jumps inside the rope. The one who jumps the greatest number of times without stopping is consider the winner.

Jalebi Race – Indian sports traditional games to play

Indian sports chart
From the list of the oldest games of Indian sports chart – In this game a rope is hung. Jalebis are hung on it. The race starts with the count of one, two, three. While running in a race, one has to eat jalebi jumping up. And then you have to run at a gallop. What an interesting Indian sports game. Neither is this, it is a taste as well as a game. In this game the winner is also given an attractive prize.

Satoliya or pithu- Indian sports saree games

pithu game, Indian sports charts
This Indian sports game is very fun, no expense and no tension. For this, seven flat stones are found and placed one above the other. Below is the biggest stone. And then small stones on top of that. Two teams participate in it. And a ball. This game can be play outside the house or in the park. A player of one team drops the stones with the ball and then other members of his team have to put those stones again. It is not that easy. As soon as the members come to set the stones, members of the other team hit them with the ball from behind. If that ball hits the member, then the team is out. After this comes the turn of the other team.

lame leg- old days Indian sports games

Indian sports chart
Many dishes are prepare in it. These squares can be made with chalk. Two people are required for this Indian sports game. This game is play with the help of a flat stone. One has to move the stone while standing on one leg. If the stone touches the line the player is out. If he crosses the line and moves forward, then he has to stand on one leg and lift it with one hand without touching the line. The player who passes this round without getting out gets one square.

Kancha- kancha game old Indian sports game 

Indian sports chart
At one time, the game of marbles had great dominance among the ancient games of Indian sports. The way street cricket is play today. At that time, children often seen fighting with each other over marbles. This game was play with small marble balls. Which is called Kancha. One has to aim from one marble to another by pointing one’s finger. If a child took aim at that marble, then that marble used to be his. In this way, children used to compete to get as many marbles as possible in this game. Today this game has almost disappeared.


Indian sports chart
The indigenous martial art of Manipur state of India is known as Thang-Ta. Thang means sword, while Ta means spear. Sword, shield and spear are use in this Indian sports game. In the year 1891, people of Meitei race who lived in a place called Kanglipak. It is believe that this art of warfare originated from there. It is part of the Huen Langlon martial art, which consists of Thang-Ta, or armed combat, and Sarit Sark, or unarmed combat.

Kalaripayattu – Old Indian sports traditional game

Indian sports chart Kalaripayattu
Kalaripayattu, a 15,000 BC old game, is traditionally play in the southern states of India. Apart from weapons, unique use is made of hands and feet. It is based on the wrestling style. Its training is given in many schools of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Kalaripayattu belongs to Kerala and Tamil Nadu, which is a means of self-defense, warfare and exercise. Apart from this, this Indian sports game is also related to choreography. According to ancient scriptures, Lord Shiva, Sage Agastya.

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