Can Silicon Valley Try Living in the Present?

Can Silicon Valley Try Living in the Present?

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  • January 15, 2024
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Next week will be the first anniversary of their stay in San Francisco from Wisconsin and their first year of working in Silicon Valley. This means that I have enough experience to make their point, but I don’t want to make their opinion clear. With the help of false and false statements that all the preachers have spoken about in this area of ​​the world. They would like to take this opportunity to give a glimpse of my strangeness at the place which they currently call their home.

Perhaps this is the result of that natural antagonism that causes all start-ups to fail. If your start-up is successful enough, your reward will be that you will become a big corporation. 

Silicon Valley the Location vs. The Idea

Another observation that occurred to me was that there was a difference between the place of the silicon container and the idea of ​​the silicon container. The truth is that the real area of ​​Silicon Valley only includes a few cities like Mountain View, Paolo Alto, Cupertino and Sain Jos. However, I would argue that the idea of ​​silicone bottles has actually spread to include whole foods. Although Saint Francis did not fall within the geological boundaries of the Silicon Valley, yet this is a manifestation of his philosophy. Along with brilliant minds, high-growth companies and capitalists, there is a share of Silicon Valley in the form of pure French mountain water.

Opportunities and Experiences don’t happen through osmosis

Another misconception is that if you go into a Silicon Valley, you will suddenly fall into a state-of-the-art technology and possibly into a dark hole. This is not a big matter. Of course, you may occasionally see a self-driving vehicle driving a van, or see someone in a bar, or a venture capitalist, but such cases are few and far between. I have personally experienced how easy it is to get stuck in a 9-5 job and forget about all the other things around you.

Negative Aspects of Silicon Valley

It is bad to use some of the things we live in daily, as many say. There is a double lake living in a strange part of the world, whose place can he travel to, the more he will be able to stay, the more he will need to travel to the vehicle. Due to this, the cost of living has remained the same and the cost of traveling has become very limited. There is no clear solution to the problem, because geographical features and socio-economic factors allow us to continuously expand and improve the basic structure.

In pursuit of my work, I spend 3+ hours every day sitting on a platform going to and from mountain streams. My monthly rent is troubling me when I have to pay it. There is no question of buying food at home. The world has so many riches and brilliant minds for such a field, that it is surprising that we cannot solve the biggest psychological problem on our own.


  1. What is the Silicon Valley program?

Ans. The Silicon Valley Program is a semester-long off-campus study option for Claremont Colleges students.

  1. How do you apply?

Ans. Students must complete the SVP application, which includes personal information.

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