20 maps that never happened

20 maps that never happened

Maps are not only a powerful way of depicting the world as it exists, but also a unique way to depict a world that never existed. What we are following is not a fantasy, it is not a star or planet Earth, but a plan and a fantasy that has never been fulfill. You will see military plans for an attack that have never been made or new hopes for victory that have never been achieve. You will benefit a lot by providing basic financial schemes which will help in rejuvenating cities and roads till the very poor. There are proposals for political reforms – a few bold and a little more imaginary – along with the same bold plans for a sovereign nation which have never been bring before in life. You are welcome into a worldview that doesn’t exist – but you can.

The Roman Empire was vast

The Roman era of Britain and Egypt was at the same time as the American states of Florida and Washington. One obvious difference is that at the heart of the Roman Empire was the Mediterranean Sea, which helped people and refugees travel through the vast corridors. Then again, it is worth noting that the emperors who ruled centuries ago through light and telegraph – airships and the Internet – were able to keep vast domains together for long periods of time.

The provinces of Rome in 117

The overland sea was a huge help in navigation – most of the western overland seas could reach the places in less than a week, and the ship could reach even the door-to-door cities like Alexandria and Jerusalem in two weeks. I could not. But it was more difficult to travel to the other parts. To places far from the Empire, such as Britain, it can take about a month to reach. And of course, it can take more time to go from one end of the empire to another. Scholars estimate that the journey from Constantinople (on the eastern edge of the empire) to Landon (in the far west) took about a week.

Italy before Roman conquest

During Trajan’s time, the interior parts of the country were govern by a king elect by the senate, which is govern by a law governed by the leading aristocratic class. If it comes out, it will be see that the first seed will be send by the name of the king. This was a safety measure. There was a need for an army to protect the province from aggression, and the emperor was worry that if these soldiers were place under the control of a person who was not personally dependent on the emperor, that person would be able to seize power and He may try to declare himself emperor. This was not an idle worry – it was a recurring problem for the ruling monarchy and the ruling monarchy.

The first war with Carthage

Control over Italy made Rome one of the major powers in the Mediterranean. After the Romans reach a new position, the struggle began with another emerging power, located in northern Africa near modern Greece, it was home to a sea-kingdom, shown here in red, which was believe to be prevalent in the western Mediterranean Sea.

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