“Six California” would be a nightmare

“Six California” would be a nightmare

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  • January 15, 2024
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The idea of ​​bringing California into the national spotlight has been a long-running endeavor of the park industry pioneer Timothy Draper, an often-controversial idea that came to national headlines every week when the Six California Campaign submitted 1.3 million signatures in the cycle. That’s several times more than the 808,000 needed as of Friday to qualify for the 2016 vote, but it’s a sure sign that California will get the reboot it wants.

Is One California Really Enough?

Draper thanked the state’s attorney general for taking a more serious step forward in the form of an honest proposal to name six California. He says that this scheme has been in the works for years and the country is expect to recover in its second half. Crowdsourcing will be done to manage the money and every single person will have their own website. Once the Attorney General provides a title and citation to the petition. Draper has 150 days to collect enough signatures to qualify for the November 2014 election. To be honest, he required almost ten lakh rupees and he said that if there was a possibility of winning in the proposal, he would spend less money. 

Three California Referendum to Appear

Along with the proposal, a number of important research centers have been propose on the basis of genetics, genetics, and scientific knowledge, such as water research and farming in central California, medical equipment in southern California, technology focused on Silicon Valley and film in western California.

Currently, rural communities in North Carolina and Southern Oregon are trying to create a new form of government called Kingship due to frustration with the ruling class. In the summer season, Siskiyon Count and Modoc Count’s environmental protection board killed. He said that now there is a movement going on at Jaime Star which wants to distribute it in smaller states.

Tim Draper says he has signatures needed for third try

Draper’s initial proposal is that on or before June 15, 2017, the mayor or board of supervisors of a county may enact an ordinance to create a part of any contiguous state other than the one to which the state is assign. Within 30 days of that date, the county in which the county seeks reappointment will have to approve the request by a majority of the board of supervisors. Then the scheme goes to the governor and if it gets approval on our star, it goes to the Congress for approval.

Plan to divide California into 3 new states

In the recent past, the Democrats have easily won California’s electoral votes. Bush was the last Republican to win a presidential election on a star basis, and a Republican has not won the Senate in California since Pete Wilson won re-election in 1988.

Is it time to seriously consider dividing our state into smaller divisions for California immigration? We’ll soon see what he thinks after Silicon Valley entrepreneur Tim Draper’s grand plan to turn California into Teen California is ready to be unveil in November. Unfortunately, this will not solve even a small part of the problem that is plaguing our country due to the way the scheme has been drag out.

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