Lame jokes in Hindi: Some Lame jokes

Lame jokes in Hindi: Some Lame jokes

We all know that person who tells cheesy jokes that are so bad, they’re actually funny. But what if I told you that intentionally laughing at these lame jokes in hindi can improve your relationships with friends and even make you feel happier? So why not make a game out of it? Challenge your friends to a “Lame Joke Battle” and see who can come up with the best (or worst) one-liners. Not only will you all be entertained, but you’ll also build stronger relationships and have fun in the process. Studies have shown that laughter can release endorphins, reduce stress, and even strengthen our immune system. When we share laughter with others, we feel a sense of connection and bonding that can bring us closer together.

Some lame jokes in Hindi

  • Pita: beta! Tumne apne paltu sunheri machhli ko taza pani pilaya.

Beta: nhi pichli saptah jo pani diya tha who ab tak khatm nhi kar payi.

  • Patni: wo dekho Sarabi ladke ko hum 10 saal pahle saadi karne wale the,

Pati: waah! Wo ab tak jashan man raha hai.

  • Duniya ki sabse chhoti love story

Ladka: suno

Ladki: bolo bhai

  • Doctor: raat ko tension lekar nhi sona chahiye,

Marij: toh kya mayke bhej de.

  • Aurat ke batchit ka pachwa gayer 

Bahan meri muh mat khulwao

  • TV reporter: jab bomb gira to jor se gira

Victim: nhi wo rengte hue aaya aur payar se bola…..dhambbbbb

  • Kuch ladko ka bas chalo toh,

Ladkiyo ki kabr pe jaa kar likh aaye nice kabr dear.

  • Aisa kon sa cricketer hai jo har tarah se gaana gaa sakta hai

Jawab: Harbhajan singh.

  • Akshay kumar ki patni twinkle khanna,

Badi star nhi ban sakti,

Kyuki wo little star hai.

  • Sarukh khan ka pankha,

Bahut Dheere chalta hai,

Kyuki wo khud kahte hai

Hawle hawle se hawa chalti hai,

Hawle hawle se dua lagti hai.

Some lame jokes funny questions

  • What is that thing that a wife does not allow her husband to have all her life?

     Ans. breath of peace

  • Which bird never flies outside? 

Ans. Flu

  • Once a crazy man ordered double sowing in a field, and he sowed from the edge of the field. So, what was the type of farm?

Ans: There is no type from the field.

  • You have 5 mangoes, and you have given 3 to friends. So how many mangoes will you have left?

Ans: You will be left with only one mango, because you have promised to give it to 3 friends!

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