Teacher student jokes in Hindi: Funny jokes between teacher and student

Teacher student jokes in Hindi: Funny jokes between teacher and student

Laughing is very beneficial for health. A dose of fun and funny jokes makes the atmosphere pleasant and improves the mood. In today’s busy and stressful life, a few moments of laughter are no less than a medicine. In such a situation, if you read jokes that make you laugh, then half of your fatigue can be reduced. That’s why we have brought for you jokes about the funny adventures of mischievous. You will be enthralled after reading these Teacher-Student Jokes.

Some funny teacher student jokes in Hindi

  1. Teacher: agar raat ko machhar kaate toh kya karna chahiye?

Stud: chup-chap so jana chahiye kyuki aap Rajnikant toh ho nhi jo machhar se sorry bulwaoge.

  1. Teacher: koe aisa sentence batao jisme Hindi, English, Urdu aur Punjabi sab ho?

Student: Ishq di gali vich no entry!

  1. Teacher: duniya ka sabse purana janwar kon sa hai?

Student: madam! Zebra.

Teacher: kyu?

Student: kyuki wo black and white hai na.

  1. Chintu aur mintu dono bhai ek hi class me padhte the

Teacher: Tum dono ne apne papa ka nam alag alag kyu likha?

Chintu: Mam! Phir aap kahte humdono ne nakal ki hai.

  1. Teacher: mai jo bhi av puchu uska jawab fatafat dena. Thik hai?

Student: thik hai.

Teacher: bharat ki Rajdhani kaha hai?

Chintu: fatafat

Teacher av tak chintu ko pit rhi hai 

  1. Teacher: tum padhayi me kaafi kamjor ho mai tumhari umar me maths ki kathin kathin sawal bana leta tha.

Student: apko achhe teacher mile honge sir.

  1. School ke piche nadi me principal dub rha tha

Ek chhatra ne dubte hue dekha to daur ke bhaga,

Aur chilaya kal chhuti hai, 

Kal chuuti hai.

  1. Teacher: batao “I love you” sentence ka aawiskar kis desh me hua tha?

Student: chine me 

Teacher: kaise?

Student: Isme saare chinese gun hai, chale toh chand tak, aur na chale toh sham tak.

  1. Master ji: koe payar wali sayari sunao

Pappu: mota marta moti pe,

Bhukha marta roti pe,

Master ji ki hai do beti,

Mai marta chhoti pe.

Teacher student funny question answer

  • What is truth and illusion Is there a difference??

Ans. The teacher is teaching this is true and we are reading this from you It’s an illusion!

  • Where does Yamuna River flow?

Ans. On the ground.

  • If someone from school Keep a bomb in front, so what will you do?

Ans: Will see if in 1 – 2 hours It’s okay if someone takes it, Otherwise keep it in the staff room 

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