Tech CEOs are in love with their principal Doomsayer

Tech CEOs are in love with their principal Doomsayer

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  • January 15, 2024
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The philosopher Yuval Noah Harari had a thought about Silicon Valley. He worries about it a lot. He was worried about Silicon Valley, where democracy was ending. And Silicon Valley is heading into a hellscape. where there is no need for voting. 

The most important reason for his concern was that tech companies are making such powerful machines that can control a person’s thinking. Because of which there was a fear that by making such a machine, the tech companies would destroy the thinking of the independent thinkers.

Mr. Harari was worry because of a very personal thing that was if he was against the tech companies then why they love them so much. Mr. Harari has given many of his thoughts on the effects of tech in Silicon Valley.

A book on Silicon Valley 

Who would travel to Silicon Valley, and chances are very good that you will hear someone talking about “sapiens”? Which is a book write by Yuval Noah Harari about the present and future of the world. Harari’s “Sapiens” was first release in English in 2014, and after a short time it was include in the minds of industry tycoons like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. The situation that we are in right now is being make fun of by capitalists talking about the stuff that has been old rubbish talks. Having finally manage to make my way through it, the tech industry’s attraction to the book made even more sense.

‘Brave New World’ as Aspirational Reading

Mr. Harari agreed to accompany for a few days on my journey through the valley, and one afternoon in September, He says that “I was waiting for him outside the mine in the mountain valley, while I was talking to the alphabet’s workers there. keep doing it. After a while, he appeared: a shy, thin, black-eyed man with glasses.” The behavior of Mr.  Harari is like that of a kind of owl, in which it shows intelligence and while turning or looking, it does not move its share too much.

Yuval Noah Harari in silicon garden

Mr. Harari and his husband, Itzik Yahav, who was their manager, rented a small house in the mountain valley for their trip and one morning found them making porridge. Mr. Harari observed that as her success grew in the Silicon Valley, many scholars focused on her lifestyle. The couple watches TV for fun. It is his primary hobby and topic of conversation, and Mr. Yahav said. It is the one thing Mr. Harari is no different from. Mr. Harari ne left Silicon Valley next weekend. Soon, in December, he will enter an ashram outside Mumbai for the next 60 days of silence.

The only thing that we are trying to get rid of. The history of our species (sapiens), the future (homo des) and the present (21st path). Which we have read in a lot of pathetic, thought-provoking, often fascinating books. The meaning of my story is not that Harari is quietly trying to escape from someone’s unwanted thing. But, in a way, there it is. And this woman put her fingers on the spot: there is more than one kind of sign.

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