The highest from of knowledge Education and Social Equity: Address the disparities in access to quality education and discuss strategies for achieving more equitable educational opportunities

The highest from of knowledge Education and Social Equity: Address the disparities in access to quality education and discuss strategies for achieving more equitable educational opportunities

What is education and social quality? Almost everyone knows this but if we have to give its definition then it will be difficult to give. The use of the word education is very important. Education is a kind of developmental process as one has to keep developing in some way or the other throughout the life, whether it is one’s own family, society, nation. Therefore, education is important for everyone. Let us know in detail below about the definition, meaning, types, importance, benefits, uses, how it originated.

What is education?

Education is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Shiksha’ which means to learn or teach. Because whatever we are taught or told in our home, society or school. That is called education. It has English education. The word education is derived from the Latin word educate which means teaching. But many scholars derive the meaning of various types of education according to their own opinion. As someone says that education is derived from the word educare which means to develop or educate.

What is the meaning of education?

It is called education in English which means to train or educate. Education is that which we get to know good or new things from anyone, anywhere. Education also means knowledge. Vidya also means scholar or knowing or one who knows. Only that which is obtained from school is not called knowledge. Knowledge can be obtained anywhere from anyone at any place. Knowledge is a lifelong process.

Type or the highest form of knowledge

The highest from of Knowledge starts being acquired in various ways from the time a child is born. First of all, knowledge is acquired at home and many good and new things are learned from the society. When children start going to school, they are educated in many ways in school too, so there are many forms or types of education, let us know about it below.

  • Informal
  • Formal
  • Positive and negative
  • Individual and collective
  • Direct or indirect


Whatever education children receive from their parents, family and the society in which they live is called informal education. Every child acquires informal knowledge as per his wish. Because there is no restriction of any kind that it is necessary for you to acquire this knowledge. Informal knowledge is not necessary that only a child can acquire it when he is younger or when he grows up, one always gets to learn new things from his family, society, etc.


Formal education is what every child receives from school because this knowledge is very effective and useful for children when they grow up. With this education, children are able to solve any problem in future and develop any skill. Whether the future of every child will be good or bad depends on this knowledge.

Positive and negative

Any child gets this education on the basis of his experience. Any child will get positive education from the right environment, but if the environment or society is not good then he can get negative knowledge in it.

Individual and collective

Individual education is that which any child receives according to his ability and his need. When the teacher teaches in any school, coaching, college, he gives the same knowledge to all the children.

What is the importance of education?

A person who is educated is given respect in any society. Any educated person can make the society civilized and idealistic. A person who is educated, develops himself, his family and the society in which he lives in the right way and does the right work. Makes your identity different among people.

Development of positive thinking

For all of us, education is a medium to create a bright future. It is a tool which helps in developing the feeling of goodness in the person who has knowledge. There is power to think and understand anything in a positive way. There is positivity in that person to look at every aspect of family, social etc., he does not think about anything in the negative direction.

For the poor and middle class

For the people who belong to the middle class and come from poor families, education is very important because education is very difficult for them. They lack the money to buy anything. Those who have money are big people and they do not face any problem in getting education. So, if even one child in the family of middle-class people gets a good education and gets a good job.

What are the uses of education?

The life of a person who does not have knowledge and wisdom is like that of an animal and a bird because the person who has wisdom develops not only himself but also other people. His life remains happy because one earns money by any means. But those who are educated earn money in the right way and those who are not educated somehow collect money by working hard or even by doing some wrong work.

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