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Six Californias News – Six Californias is an English Language News portal introduced to the marketplace in 2014. It shares breaking news, local regional and international news with latest informative articles on a daily basis.

We tries to cover information that affects the local community of startups, entrepreneur news, latest technology, business startups, and social news. And we supports and promotes business, tourism, and social events to millions of readers annually.

Six Californias also shares and promotes online startup businesses, entrepreneurs, regional, and international journalists and photographers.
Any professionals of writers, journalists, startup business owners, Technical experts, innovators and freelancers can also submit their News Articles and photos that everyone can read and enjoy at Six Californias.

Due to the high number of articles submitted by contributors, Six Californias cannot verify all the content of the articles and their photographs.
If you find any article or image that you feel is offensive or has been shared without your consent, request you to please share that link with us at our email, and we will try to remove it immediately.

We always try to motivate local businesses and innovative startups and we do not charge them for advertising on our platform.

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